Calories Burned In Bike Riding - (2023)

Tips To Burn More Calories On An Exercise Bike

Can We Burn 10,000 Calories In A Single Bike Ride?

If youre looking to increase the number of calories burned on an exercise, consider trying the following:

  • Try HIIT:High-intensity interval training will torch more calories and rev your metabolism, which is termed excess post-oxygen consumption . Pedal faster and harder and against more resistance.
  • Stand Up: If youre riding a spin bike, stand up on the pedals for sprint intervals. Youll use more muscles and feel your heart racing.
  • Use a Heart Rate Monitor: Heart rate training can help you be more precise and scientific with your workouts. Getting into higher heart rate zones will help you burn more calories.
  • Work Your Muscles: Resistance is key. You want your muscles to be challenged. Building muscle will help you burn more calories and get stronger and more powerful for even harder workouts.

Exercise bikes offer some of the best ways to get a great caloric burn for a workout while being on the lower impact side a workout win-win. Turn up the intensity, turn on some tunes, and watch the fat melt off.

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Can I Burn More Calories By Walking Or Biking

Cycling is a faster and more efficient way to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle compared to walking. Cycling burns at least two times more calories per hour.

You have the option to increase the resistance of your cycle and make the biking process more challenging and hence more effective in burning calories. Whereas in walking, there is only so much you can do before it is running and not walking.

Factors That Affect How Many Calories You Burn On An Exercise Bike

Unfortunately, theres not an easy answer or simple formula you can use to determine exactly how many calories you burn on an exercise bike. Numerous factors impact the actual number of calories burned in an exercise bike workout. Taking these factors into consideration can help you get a more accurate estimation of your actual energy expenditure. The primary factors that impact the number of calories you burn riding an exercise bike include the following:

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How Can I Use The Calorie Calculator To Lose Weight

It is evident from the calculator that the more we involved in biking the more calories will be burned and it gives us a fair idea for the intake of food to be taken in a day.Many studies suggests that the lower the calorie intake the higher would be the weight loss.So once you start using this biking calculator you can estimate the number of calories required in a day

Cycling Into The Wind In Pelotons And On Second

Calories Burned In Bike Riding - (1)

Several factors affect how many calories are burned when cycling. For example, theres a considerable difference between cycling 20 mph with a tailwind or into a powerful headwind. When cycling into the wind, youll use a lot more energy getting up to speed, and therefore also burn more calories.

The same applies to cycling in a peloton, or closely behind another cyclist. The partial vacuum of a slipstream will make it much easier for you to pedal than the cyclist in front of you. You will only truly notice the difference when you are within a metre of the cyclist in front.

Cycling on a second-rate bike has a similar effect. Youll use more energy than a cyclist on a good bike, with pumped-up tyres and wheels that arent buckled. So if youre looking to burn more calories while cycling at a certain speed, one option is to cycle on an old bike with under-inflated tyres.

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Is Pedaling Good Exercise

Yes, its one of the best cardio exercises you can get because of its low impact on your body, unlike running, which increases your exposure to health risks. Plus, with the gears, youre able to dial in the pace youre capable of.

Pedaling burns calories and stimulates limb activities, thereby fostering positive health effects such as maintaining weight loss. With an e-bike, you can engage in pedaling on your way to work, when going shopping, or even when taking longer trips.

In addition, the circulation of blood in your body improves, and you get to enjoy an increase in energy as well as productivity.

What Is The Best Spot To Ride Your Bicycle To Burn The Most Calories

You can burn more calories by choosing to do what you love the most.

Weight loss is achieved by eating less and burning more calories.

You dont need to burn calories if you want to be active. The best places are trails and mountains because you can work at a higher intensity than roads and tracks. You may be able to continue mountain biking, but not road biking.

Its best to exercise more of what you enjoy, as it will be easier to maintain.

Here are some key points to remember when you want to lose calories.

  • Eat after your bike ride
  • Different amounts of biking trips
  • Push yourself, but not too hard
  • Go on bike rides with others

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Q2 Can You Lose Weight With Cycling

Weight loss comes down to a simple truth… if you use more calories than you put into your body, you will lose weight. Simple in concept, but many of us struggle to implement this in practical and sustainable ways.

You need a calorie deficit of 500 per day to lose 1lb a week, and 1000 per day to lose 2lb a week – that’s 500 or 1000 less calories than your body needs each day.

It follows that activities which give you a ‘good bang for your buck’ in terms of calorie burn can be a huge help when trying to lose weight. They help you to achieve a calorie deficit, keeping the balance tipped in the right direction for weight loss.

As we saw earlier, cycling burns significant calories for the time spent – 50% more than walking, so it’s easy to see how regular cycling can help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Calories Burned Biking: Indoor

I Tried To EAT & BURN 10,000 Calories in ONE Bike Ride!

Indoor biking is a great alternative to outdoor biking during inclement weather. Stationary-bike workouts offer the benefit of being better able to customize as well as monitor for results.

And youll find a variety of indoor biking classes at many gyms, health clubs, and spin studios.

Light to moderate effort , for 1 hour:


Moderate to vigorous effort , for 1 hour:


Vigorous effort , for 1 hour:


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How Many Calories Burnt Biking

Use our calculator to see how many calories you burnt biking. The same as any exercise how many calories you burn cycling depends on three key factors:

  • Your weight, the more you weigh the more energy required to move cycle
  • Your speed, the faster you pedal the more energy required, the more calories youll burn
  • Your duration, the longer youre on your bike for the more calories youll burn
  • Fuel Your Rides Properly

    Energy bars and gels are great for giving you a bit of energy when riding. However, they have more calories than natural food.

    If burning calories is a priority for you, stay away from these products. Instead, carry a banana or half a honey sandwich. These will give you energy, but you wont have to burn off all the extra calories.

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    Stationary Bike Calories Burned Calculator

    When youre trying to lose weight, every little bit counts. And when it comes to working out, one of the most important things to consider is how many calories youre burning. After all, thats what ultimately helps you shed pounds. So if youre wondering how many calories you can burn on a stationary bike, we have the answer.On average, a person weighing 155 pounds will burn about 149 calories in 30 minutes on a stationary bike set at a moderate pace. But of course, there are many factors that can affect this number. For instance, someone who weighs more willburn more calories while someone who is less active may burn fewer calories. Additionally, the intensity of your workout matters too. If you pedal faster or increase the resistance on your bike, youll end up burning even more calories.To get a better idea of how many calories you could be burning during your next spin class or solo session on the bike, check out this calculator from Harvard Health Publishing . All you need to do is plug in your weight and time spent biking, and it does the rest. Just keep in mind that this is only an estimateyour actual calorie burn may be higher or lower depending on various factors like age and muscle mass.So there you have it! Now that you know how many calories you can potentially burn by biking, make sure to incorporate this workout into your regular routine to help reach your weight loss goals.

    Running Improves Muscle Tone And Bone Density

    Calories Burned In Bike Riding - (2)

    Running builds muscle predominantly in the lower body, namely the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It may not lead to hypertrophic muscle development , but it does lead to improvements in muscular tone. It also has a positive effect on bone mineral density, which begins to breakdown naturally as you age.

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    Calculate How Many Calories You Burn Cycling

    Take a look at our cycling calorie charts below to plot your weight and calculate how many calories you’d burn by jumping on a bike.

    *Based on an average woman of 5’5″, 11st and aged 40, and an average man of 5’10”, 13st, aged 40.

    So cycling really helps you burn a substantial amount of calories without having to spend hours in the gym, but how can this help you to lose weight…

    Factors Affecting Calories Burned Biking

    Your weight and the method of biking are just two variables that will affect calories burned, among other factors.

    For example, if you keep pumping your legs during declines, youll burn more calories than if you simply coast.

    Likewise, youll burn more fat if you mix up speed and intensity.

    Steady-state exercise is a good way to increase cardiovascular health.

    But high-intensity interval training alternating periods of intense effort and rest is just as effective in that regard, and perhaps even better when it comes to losing weight.

    The caveat: You have to be healthy enough to do HIIT safely and effectively, so work your way up to it.

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    Bikes For Big Guys & Girls

    Pretty much any bike is fine to start with if youre less then 250lbs. If youre above this, particularly if youre closer to the 300lb mark or above then take a look through bikes for big guys.

    Being heavy doesnt mean you cant ride a bike to burn calories and lose weight, it just means you need to chose the right bike for you.

    Does Bike Riding Burn Calories Calories Burned Biking Guide 2023

    THE RIDE TODAY: Calories Burned, Beginner Cycling Tips, Riding for Fun

    Riding a bike is a great way to get physical activity and can be used for recreation, transportation, or exercise. Will riding bicycle burn calories? Learn about the number of calories you can burn while cycling, how age, weight, and duration affects this number, and tips for burning more calories as you ride.

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    What Factors Affect Calories Burned And Weight Loss

    There are three main factors in calculations of burned calories and weight loss:

    • Bodyweight the more you weigh, the more you burn, as you use more energy to move a heavier body

    • Exercise intensity and duration more extended and more intense activities burn calories faster

    • Choice of the exercise it’s intuitive: we know that recreational biking, mountain racing, and stationary cycling, each practiced for 30 minutes, will give different results

    Calories Burned Cycling And Weight Loss: The Essential Points

    • To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit.
    • The notion that some calories are good while others are bad is misleading.
    • Its easier to achieve a calorie deficit if you consume adequate protein and minimise highly processed calorie-dense foods . Cooking from scratch using healthy recipes will help you monitor where your calories are coming from.
    • The amount of energy you get from food depends where those calories come from it takes more energy to digest and process protein than carbohydrate, which requires more energy than fat.
    • Protein has a higher satiating effect than carbohydrate or fat.
    • You are less likely to gain fat eating extra protein or carbohydrate compared with fat. However, this isnt a licence to eat as much as you want.
    • Calorie counting is not an exact science dont attach too much precision to values on food labels.
    • Dont put too much faith in calorie tracking accuracy of most popular fitness trackers vary +/- 20 per cent over 24 hours and among different individuals.
    • For most cyclists trying to lose weight, cutting calories by a conservative 15-20 per cent will help increase fat loss and minimise protein loss.

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    How Does Your Weight Affect Your Calories Burned Biking

    When measuring your calories being burned when biking, your weight is very important to consider. You will burn different units of calories depending on your weight.

    For example, if you weigh 200lb and your partner weighs 175lb, if you both do 5 miles then you will burn more calories because you weigh more than your partner. The reason why heavier people burn more calories is because it takes more energy to move a heavier body.


    If you weigh 150lb doing 5.5mph which is 5.5 miles in 1 hour would burn 250 calories.

    Secondly, if you do 12mph which again is 12 miles in 1 hour then you would burn 572 calories.

    Again, if you do 14mph which would be 14 miles in 1 hour you would burn 714 calories.

    What Is The Difference In Calories Burned Between Stationary Track Mountain Trail And Road Biking

    Calories Burned In Bike Riding - (3)

    These are the types of cycling activities that have the highest calories burned and which ones are the least.

    • Mountain biking
    • Road bikes on indoor or outdoor tracks
    • Stationary bike

    The most calories would be burned by mountain biking or trail biking. Because of the physical exertion required, mountain biking and trail biking are more intense.

    Because there are different levels of inclines, road biking is next. However, unlike mountains and trails, it is usually a smooth surface.

    It would be difficult to burn as many calories riding a road bike on outdoor and indoor tracks as it would mountain or trail biking. The road bike is very light and the tracks are extremely smooth.

    The stationary bike will depend on the ability to adjust the settings to make it easier or harder to ride. This way is the most efficient for burning calories if the incline is set to 0%.

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    How Many Calories Do I Burn Cycling On An Indoor Trainer

    Again, this depends on how long and how hard you push, although without aerodynamic drag most resistance comes from the friction unit in the turbo trainer or exercise bike, which is why it may become hot.

    A few studies have taken place looking at calorie counts for indoor cycling for a 70kg rider cycling at around 25kph, they all come up with roughly the same figure of 800 calories an hour.

    Thats comparable to outdoor cycling because youre not having to take account of road conditions or make stops and starts.

    Plus, on many trainers, unlike outdoors, you cant take a rest on a downhill section so youll be burning energy more consistently.

    Calories Burned: Stationary Bike Averages

    Although each individual’s circumstances and weight loss results are bound to vary, you can take a look at calories burned on a stationary bike in terms of some reputable averages. According to Harvard Health Publishing at the Harvard Medical School, a 155-pound person who cycles vigorously for 30 minutes on a stationary bike burns an estimated â391 caloriesâ.

    Harvard’s estimate lines up pretty well with data from the American Council on Exercise too. According to ACE, that same 155-pound person burns roughly â421 caloriesâ per 30 minutes of cycling at a pace of 16 to 19 miles per hour, a racing-worthy speed that certainly counts as pretty vigorous.

    To put those figures in context, the general rule for losing 1 pound of body weight is to by â3,500 caloriesâ . You could do that in a healthy fashion by reducing your caloric intake by 250 calories and increasing your caloric expenditure by 250 calories per day for seven days, for instance.

    Of course, these average estimates are just one tiny slice of a much larger spectrum of possibilities. Sex, age, weight, body composition and your resting metabolic rate, among other factors, âall affect how you burn caloriesâ, as Mayo Clinic notes.

    When working out on a stationary bike, as is the case with other forms of cardio and strength training exercises, the âduration and intensity of the activityâ also has a significant impact on your calorie burn.

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