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  • Equity Capital means capital invested in common or preferred stock, royalty rights, limited partnership interests, limited liability company interests, or any other security or rights that evidence ownership in a private business.

  • Net Capital as used in this rule, shall mean the difference between total assets and total indebtedness, as determined by generally accepted accounting principles, consistently applied, and thereafter adjusted pursuant to paragraph (K)(2) of this rule.

  • Junior Capital means, collectively, any Indebtedness of the Company that (i) is not secured by any asset of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary, (ii) is expressly subordinated to the prior payment in full of the Notes on terms consistent with those for senior subordinated high yield debt securities issued by U.S. companies (as determined in good faith by the Company, which determination shall be conclusive), (iii) has a final maturity date that is not earlier than, and provides for no scheduled payments of principal prior to, the date that is 91 days after the maturity of the Notes (other than through conversion or exchange of any such Indebtedness for Capital Stock (other than Disqualified Stock) of the Company or any other Junior Capital), (iv) has no mandatory redemption or prepayment obligations other than (x) obligations that are subject to the prior payment in full in cash of the Notes or (y) pursuant to an escrow or similar arrangement with respect to the proceeds of such Junior Capital and (v) does not require the payment of cash interest until the date that is 91 days after the maturity of the Notes.

  • CET1 Capital means, as of any Quarterly Financial Period End Date or Extraordinary Calculation Date, the sum, expressed in pounds sterling, of all amounts that constitute common equity tier 1 capital of the Group as of such date, less any deductions from common equity tier 1 capital required to be made as of such date, in each case as calculated by the Company on a consolidated basis in accordance with the Capital Regulations applicable to the Group on such Quarterly Financial Period End Date or Extraordinary Calculation Date, as the case may be (which calculation shall be binding on the Trustee and the Holders and Beneficial Owners). For the purposes of this definition, the term “common equity tier 1 capital” shall have the meaning assigned to such term in CRD IV (as the same may be amended or replaced from time to time) as interpreted and applied in accordance with the Capital Regulations then applicable to the Group.

  • Equity Investment means (i) an Equity Security; and (ii) an ownership interest in any company or other entity, any membership interest that includes a voting right in any company or other entity, any interest in real estate; and any investment or transaction which in substance falls into any of these categories even though it may be structured as some other form of investment or transaction.

  • Equity Investments shall have the meaning provided in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Invested Capital means the amount calculated by multiplying the total number of Shares purchased by Stockholders by the issue price at the time of such purchase, reduced by the portion of any Distribution that is attributable to Net Sales Proceeds and by any amounts paid by the Company to repurchase Shares pursuant to the Company’s plan for the repurchase of Shares.

  • Capital Markets Indebtedness means any Indebtedness consisting of bonds, debentures, notes or other similar debt securities issued in (a) a public offering registered under the Securities Act, (b) a private placement to institutional investors that is resold in accordance with Rule 144A or Regulation S under the Securities Act, whether or not it includes registration rights entitling the holders of such debt securities to registration thereof with the SEC or (c) a private placement to institutional investors. For the avoidance of doubt, the term “Capital Markets Indebtedness” does not include any Indebtedness under the Credit Agreement, Indebtedness incurred in connection with a sale and leaseback transaction, Indebtedness incurred in the ordinary course of business of the Company, Capital Lease Obligations or recourse transfer of any financial asset or any other type of Indebtedness incurred in a manner not customarily viewed as a “securities offering.”

  • Consolidated First Lien Secured Debt means, as of any date of determination, subject to the definition of “Designated Revolving Commitments,” the aggregate principal amount of Indebtedness of the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries outstanding on such date, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP, consisting only of Indebtedness for borrowed money, Capitalized Lease Obligations and purchase money Indebtedness, in each case secured by a first priority lien on the assets of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary; provided, Consolidated First Lien Secured Debt will not include Non-Recourse Indebtedness, undrawn amounts under revolving credit facilities and Indebtedness in respect of any (1) letter of credit, bank guarantees and performance or similar bonds, except to the extent of obligations in respect of drawn standby letters of credit which have not been reimbursed within three (3) Business Days and (2) Hedging Obligations. The Dollar-equivalent principal amount of any Indebtedness denominated in a foreign currency will reflect the currency translation effects, determined in accordance with GAAP, of Hedging Obligations for currency exchange risks with respect to the applicable currency in effect on the date of determination of the Dollar-equivalent principal amount of such Indebtedness.

  • Senior Funded Debt means all Funded Debt of the Company or its Subsidiaries (except Funded Debt, the payment of which is subordinated to the payment of the Notes).

  • Unit Capital means the aggregate of the face value of units issued under the scheme and outstanding for the time being.

  • Consolidated First Lien Net Debt means, as of any date of determination, any Indebtedness described in clause (a) of the definition of “Consolidated Total Net Debt” outstanding on such date that is secured by a Lien on any asset or property of the Borrower or any Subsidiary but excluding any such Indebtedness in which the applicable Liens are expressly subordinated or junior to the Liens securing the Obligations minus the aggregate amount of cash and Cash Equivalents (other than Restricted Cash), in each case, that is held by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries as of such date, free and clear of all Liens (other than nonconsensual Liens permitted by Section 7.01 and Liens permitted by Section 7.01(a), Section 7.01(p), Section 7.01(q), clauses (i) and (ii) of Section 7.01(r), 7.01(ee) and 7.01(ff)); provided that Consolidated First Lien Net Debt shall not include Indebtedness in respect of letters of credit (including Letters of Credit), except to the extent of unreimbursed amounts thereunder; provided that any unreimbursed amount under commercial letters of credit shall not be counted as Consolidated First Lien Net Debt until 3 Business Days after such amount is drawn; it being understood, for the avoidance of doubt, that obligations under Swap Contracts entered into for non-speculative purposes, deferred consideration, earn-out payments and non-compete payments do not constitute Consolidated First Lien Net Debt.

  • Capital Market Indebtedness means any obligation for the payment of borrowed money which is, in the form of, or represented or evidenced by bonds, or other instruments which are, or are capable of being, listed, quoted, dealt in or traded on any stock exchange or in any organised market and any guarantee or other indemnity in respect of such obligation; and

  • Charter Capital means Charter Communications Holdings Capital Corporation, a Delaware corporation, and any successor in interest thereto.

  • Consolidated Senior Funded Debt means Consolidated Funded Debt that is not Subordinated Debt.

  • Committed Capital means $20,837,637.00 for 14,129,250 Class A Capital Units to be issued with respect to Members receiving Class A Capital Units in the Reorganization, and, with respect to any additional Members, the purchase price of the Capital Units subscribed for in any subsequent offering pursuant to a subscription agreement that has been accepted by the Company, regardless of whether such purchase price has been fully paid.

  • Refunding Capital Stock has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.04(a)(viii).

  • Working Capital Facility means, at any time, the aggregate amount of the Working Capital Lenders' Working Capital Commitments at such time.

  • Performing Cash Pay Mezzanine Investments means Mezzanine Investments (a) as to which, at the time of determination, not less than 2/3rds of the interest (including accretions and “pay-in-kind” interest) for the current monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual period (as applicable) is payable in cash and (b) which are Performing.

  • Senior Unsecured Debt means indebtedness for borrowed money that is not subordinated to any other indebtedness for borrowed money and is not secured or supported by a guarantee, letter of credit or other form of credit enhancement.

  • Consolidated Working Capital means, at any date, the excess of (a) the sum of all amounts (other than cash and Permitted Investments) that would, in conformity with GAAP, be set forth opposite the caption “total current assets” (or any like caption) on a consolidated balance sheet of the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries at such date excluding the current portion of current and deferred income taxes over (b) the sum of all amounts that would, in conformity with GAAP, be set forth opposite the caption “total current liabilities” (or any like caption) on a consolidated balance sheet of the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries on such date, including deferred revenue but excluding, without duplication, (i) the current portion of any Funded Debt, (ii) all Indebtedness consisting of Loans and Letter of Credit Exposure to the extent otherwise included therein, (iii) the current portion of interest and (iv) the current portion of current and deferred income taxes.

  • Debt to Capital Ratio means the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of debt to total capital (the sum of debt and equity). This is a measure of financial leverage that the Company considers in capital management planning.

  • Financial Debt means a debt along with interest, if any, which is disbursed against the consideration for the time value of money and includes—

  • Minimum capital or "minimum required capital" means the capital that must be constantly maintained by a stock insurance corporation as required by statute.

  • Average Invested Capital of the Company shall mean the average of the aggregate historical cost of the consolidated assets of the Company and its subsidiaries, excluding the Transferred Assets, invested, directly or indirectly, in real estate or ownership interests in, and loans secured by, real estate and personal property owned in connection with such real estate (collectively, “Properties”) (including acquisition related costs and costs which may be allocated to intangibles or are unallocated), before reserves for depreciation, amortization, impairment charges or bad debts or other similar noncash reserves, computed by taking the average of such values at the beginning and end of the period for which Average Invested Capital is calculated.

  • Consolidated First Lien Debt means, as of any date of determination, (a) the amount of Consolidated Total Debt (including in respect of the Notes) that is secured by a material portion of the Collateral on an equal or super priority basis (but without regard to the control of remedies) with Liens securing the Secured Notes Obligations (excluding, in any event, all Capital Lease Obligations and any subordinated Indebtedness) minus (b) Available Cash.

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