This list is about the Best Real Estate destinations in India. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Real Estate destinations in (2023)

This list is about the Best Real Estate destinations in India. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Real Estate destinations in India. I hope you like this list Best Real Estate destinations in India. So lets begin:

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Investing in real estate is a very important life and financial decision. Especially people who belong to low and middle income groups should be better informed before making this decision, since these people generally depend on mortgage loans for real estate investment. Before you use your savings as a down payment and take out a large real estate loan with a term of 20 years or more, there are several things to consider.

Factors like city, location, price per square foot, available utilities, and infrastructure should play a role in your investment decision. If you are wondering where to invest in real estate in India, you can consider one of the following cities.

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Here is the list of the best real estate locations in India


Bangalore proves to be the most challenging destination for property investment. Being the capital of Karnataka, the city has definitely benefited from the rise of IT in India. The city is home to many multinational and IT/ITES companies, which is why it is also known as the Silicon Valley of India.

The fascinating growth that Bangalore has experienced in recent years, thanks to the constant efforts of a proactive government, is truly remarkable. Green spaces, pleasant climate, good nightlife and cosmopolitan culture – all this has made Bangalore one of the best options for real estate investors. In recent years, Bangalore has seen a steady rise in rentals and the capital value of commercial space.


Mumbai, the financial capital of India and the city of dreams, is one of the best places for real estate investment. Mumbai is the most populous city in India, but regions like Thane, Wadala, Ghatkopar and Dombivali are few promising investment opportunities for investors. Mumbai’s excellent transportation system, exceptional rate of development, connectivity to desirable locations and future growth prospects have helped this region become one of the most desirable locations for investors.

As one of the most prosperous cities, proximity to planned locations, a well-developed market and significant growth have made Mumbai an attractive hotspot for real estate investment in India. Although the real estate prices in Mumbai are quite high due to the increase in demand, this has not affected the interest of investors to spend their money in Mumbai. Furthermore, real estate in Navi Mumbai seems to be selling like hot cakes due to its connectivity and infrastructure, and buyers and estate agents are eager to grab a piece.


The planned infrastructure and affordability of Noida have been key drivers for real estate development. Jawar Airport, which would increase overall employment in the region, will be a game changer for Noida. Due to its proximity to the airport, the Noida region is attractive to many multinational companies. Furthermore, Noida is expected to offer higher returns on investment in the near future.

His experience in the land business will benefit you when buying land. Pick a broker he can trust, especially if he’s looking for land in a new city. Finding the right location, making sure the land is legally sound, and transferring title to you will be much easier if you have the right experience. If buying land is your first step and you plan to build a house later, now is the time to think about a real estate loan. Be sure to use the EMI Calculator for Home Loans to check your eligibility and forecast your EMIs. Gather the necessary documents to apply for a real estate loan once you know if you qualify and can repay the loan. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays and ensure your loan is processed as quickly as possible.


The city continues to grow at a rapid rate, thanks to the recent boom in the IT industry, which is supported by stable management and the availability of high-quality office space. Hyderabad, which was named the best city in India in the 2017 Mercer ranking, has a wide range of affordable land.

Adibatla, Manakramguda and Gachibowli are some of the areas where you can invest. Adibatla and Gachibowli are at the top of the list as they border the outer ring road and IT offices. Manakramguda, on the other hand, ranks second due to its proximity to the financial district.


Pune offers exceptional infrastructural facilities in the form of a well-developed school system, a thriving IT industry, good transportation infrastructure, open jobs, and no doubt the city provides its residents with all the basic and modern amenities like schools, shopping malls, clubs, hospitals, universities. , playgrounds, universities, emergency hospitals, etc. The real estate industry in Pune continues to flourish due to the outstanding growth in transaction volume.

Real estate trade has grown by 40% and now stands at almost 16,000 units. Pune real estate market has popular developers and construction companies like Reputed Builder, Majestique Landmarks, Mantra Properties, Kolte-Patil Developers, VTP Realty, Paranjape Schemes Construction etc. The most searched places in Pune are Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Wagholi, Hinjewadi, Hadapsar, Boat Club Road, Model Colony, Aundh, Erandwane, Senapati Road etc. And all of these places are proving to be some of the best places to live.


Chennai is an upcoming metropolis and there is a constant influx of people to this city. This leads to a high demand. This is reflected in the increasing purchases of luxury apartments in Chennai. Chennai’s real estate market is gaining momentum due to information technology, urbanization and the improvement in the supply of affordable housing.

Chennai is also attracting foreign investment due to the growth of the real estate market. T. Nagar and Anna Nagar were once the only malls in Chennai, and now high-end retail space is filling up at local locations. Among the reasons for commercial development in Chennai is the metro network. Olympia Group, Godrej Properties, Prestige Group, Brigade Group, Brigade Group, etc. are carrying out important projects in Chennai. Many ongoing projects are high-rise buildings as most of the people living in Chennai prefer apartments to bungalows due to better facilities and security.

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The growth of the housing market in Lucknow, the second largest city in northern India and the capital of the country’s second most populous state, is being accelerated by a major economic shift and a shift in consumer behaviour. Lucknow’s position as an up-and-coming real estate location has been strengthened by rapid infrastructure growth, good governance, rising living standards, and huge investments by private players.

Real estate inquiries in tier 2 cities have increased tremendously and Lucknow has overtaken some of the major cities. Lucknow also made it to the top 20 list of the Indian Residential Index (IRIS), which means Lucknow is teeming with opportunity and the city is set to become an epicenter of real estate growth in North India in 2022.


Indore, the economic capital of Madhya Pradesh, offers opportunities in all sectors. The IT hub, education and real estate sectors make Indore a magnet for residential sector investors.

Real estate sales in Indore reached a record high of Rs 1,620 crore in the calendar year of this year, led by residential sales, despite the pandemic. Residential buyers pushed property sales to a new calendar year high, breaking all previous records. Residential demand from retail buyers led sales.


Kochi is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. The growth of the ports and the privatization of the airport have increased the value of the city’s real estate market. Kochi is also a “smart city” where a number of new IT companies have set up shop. Most surprising is the shift from family businesses to professionally managed companies whose contractors handle multiple projects in different cities simultaneously, while investing in centralized processes to hire the best candidates for project management, architecture, and engineering jobs.

Therefore, there is a huge space for development and an important sector for long-term investment. Kakkanad, Thripunithura, Maradu and Aluva are the most affordable areas of Kochi, where apartments cost up to 50 lakhs.


Goa is known as a popular destination among Indians and the preferred choice for having a second property or vacation property. Its serene charm and iconic beauty have made the destination popular with investors and NRIs looking to purchase a property or holiday home in Goa.

Easy access to shopping malls, clubs and resorts, as well as proximity to beaches, have seen North Goa’s demand skyrocket over South Goa. However, if you are looking for affordable properties, properties in South Goa are the best option as they are much cheaper.

Final words: Best Real Estate destinations in India

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