Top 10 Highest Paying College Degrees (2023)

Whether you’re preparing to go to college for the first time or thinking of going back to school, you may be wondering exactly what kind of degree you should pursue. While everyone has different interests and passions, there are a few degree programs that can lead to higher job security and higher pay after graduation.

Earning certain kinds of degrees at colleges can lead to higher paying positions, but it's also important to pursue something you're passionate about. Identify your strengths and passions and use that to help guide you into choosing the right program for you. Money shouldn't be the only driving factor in choosing a college or degree program. Colleges offer mentors who can help you establish what kind of career you're interested in pursuing, and can thereby help you determine which programs is the best fit for you.

When choosing colleges or majors, learn the facts about the professions you may be interested in before making a final decision. Understanding the pay opportunities, the work environment, and daily responsibilities of a job can help you determine which career and degree will be the best for you. Discover which college degree programs can lead to higher paying jobs to help you determine which program is right for you.

1. Computer science.

Computer science is focused on the study of computer systems and programs, and their processes. There is a great focus on software and software systems for computer science students. Computer scientists have many job responsibilities including solving computing problems, inventing new computer languages and tools, improving software systems, design experiments to test software systems, and more. The pay for computer science college majors is, on average, very high. In fact, most degrees that require mathematics can expect good paying jobs after graduation. Computer and information research scientists earn an average yearly salary of $118,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Business administration.

Business administration is involved in overseeing the business operations, finance, management, and business processes of an organization. This is a highly flexible degree that can allow graduates to work in a variety of different business roles, industries, and environments. Similar to computer science, business degrees require math education which usually results in better paying jobs after graduation compared to other college majors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for administrative service managers is around $96,000 per year. This degree is highly flexible, and can lead to high paying positions after you graduate.

3. Information technology.

Information technology is the study of using computers to store, transmit, and manipulate data and information. There is a high demand for IT professionals in a wide variety of industries and for many job titles. IT professionals analyze computer needs and recommend upgrades, they plan and direct the installation of hardware and software, work to increase security, learn about new technology, and manage other IT professionals. Earning an information technology degree means you'll have a large focus on mathematics, and graduate with higher earning potential than other degrees. Many colleges have many IT college majors, allowing you to choose specific programs within the field to boost your pay opportunity. The BLS expects the demand for IT positions will grow 12% by 2028, and the average annual salary is over $86,000.

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4. Nursing.

Nursing is a difficult profession that can be highly challenging, but rewarding. A degree in nursing can help you jumpstart into a more specialized healthcare career field like nursing informatics or nursing education. While not the highest paying college major, nurse pay is better than average, and your salary can rise as you move up in nursing professions. When comparing colleges, be sure you learn about the nursing program specifically so you know exactly what kinds of things you'll learn in the program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nurses earn an average salary of around $71,000 per year. Due to a shortage of nurses, demand is high for professionals in this field and a degree in nursing can be the gateway to many job offers and opportunities.

5. Human resource management.

Human resource managers are tasked with supporting and helping members of an organization. They are usually in charge of recruiting, hiring and firing, benefits, team building, conflict resolution, and more. Human resource pay can vary greatly based on where you're located. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resource specialists earn an average annual salary of $60,000. However, compensation and benefits managers earn an average salary of around $121,000 per year. Both roles offer plenty of room to grow and increase your salary potential.

6. Marketing.

Marketing is an exciting and lucrative field, with a growing need for traditional and digital marketers alike. This means marketers can expect a high salary, security, and many opportunities for growth. With the right degree and time working your way up in the field, you can become a marketing manager. This is an even better position within the field, with higher salary options. Most colleges offer marketing degrees, with undergraduate and graduate programs alike. Those who have higher degrees can expect better paying jobs, but a bachelor's degree is a great place to start. According to the BLS, marketing managers have an average salary of around $132,000 per year.

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7. Healthcare management.

Healthcare managers are in charge of the business activities of healthcare providers and facilities. Thus healthcare managers are thus a crucial part of health organizations. Healthcare is continually growing and expanding, and as technology also evolves, the need for healthcare managers is only going to go up. This kind of major utilizes business and healthcare fundamentals to help you be prepared for a future working on the business side of healthcare. The BLS predicts the need of this job title will grow 18% in the next few years. The average salary for healthcare managers is over $99,000 per year, making it a highly lucrative and sought-after position.

8. Cybersecurity.

As technology and business continue to intertwine, more organizations will need sophisticated and effective security measures to keep their data and information safe. Cybersecurity experts work to protect networks, systems, and data for technology companies and businesses alike. Every industry, from government to healthcare, needs cybersecurity to keep data secure. Cybersecurity positions often come after experience in other IT fields, so it's important to be prepared to work your way up in this exciting technology field. This field is only growing, expected to expand by 32% by the year 2028. And the average salary of cybersecurity experts is more than $98,000 per year, according to the BLS.

9. Accounting.

Accounting is a well-established and important field for every business and individual. Organizations always need help with their finances and taxes, and as finance regulations and laws continue to change, the demand for professionals will only grow. Accountants work to run audits on organizations, help with taxes, and maintain the finances of a company. A degree in accounting can lead to any number of finance positions down the line. Mathematics based degrees like accounting are often more sought after, and result in better paying careers. The average salary for accountants is $70,000 per year, but this can vary greatly based on where you work and the type of role you end up in.

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10. Health information management.

Health information management is also called health informatics, and is the practice of analyzing healthcare data and using it to improve facility operations and processes. Health information managers are also charged to protect private patient data and improve the quality of patient care. Math education is key to help you prepare for this kind of position. IT and healthcare come together in this field as well, and a background and understanding of both are key to success. Technicians and specialists earn an average salary of $40,000 per year, while health information managers can earn an annual salary of over $99,000 per year according to the BLS.

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These degree programs are some of the top salary earning programs, and could be good for you to consider as you contemplate which major or degree program you should pursue. It's important to find something that can lead you to a good future career, and something that you're passionate about. Whatever degree you choose, you can work hard and find positions that will help you be successful in that field. The right education is key to helping you land your dream job, and make money doing something you truly enjoy. WGU offers many degree programs that lead to lucrative, high-paying careers. Choose one that is right for you today!

If you're interested in a high paying career, consider a degree from WGU. Our programs are built around careers, so you earn your degree and are immediately prepared to go into the workforce. Our curriculum is designed by experts in the field, who know exactly what students need to know to get a job and do well in that job. If you're considering a degree, and want one that will help you earn good money, WGU degree programs could be the perfect option.

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What is the highest paying degree in college? ›

Salaries for the 25 highest-paying majors
  1. Chemical Engineering. Median wage early career: $68,000.
  2. Computer Engineering. Median wage early career: $65,000. ...
  3. Electrical Engineering. Median wage early career: $65,000. ...
  4. Aerospace Engineering. ...
  5. Industrial Engineering. ...
  6. Mechanical Engineering. ...
  7. Computer Science. ...
  8. General Engineering. ...

What is the easiest degree with highest pay? ›

8 Easy Degrees That Pay Well
  • Business Administration. Business administration is one major that is usually considered “easy.” Some programs will also only take 3 years to finish! ...
  • English. ...
  • Human Resources. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Supply Chain Management. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Communication.
6 Jul 2022

What degree has the highest paying jobs? ›

50 Highest Paying Bachelor's Degrees
  • Information Technology.
  • Engineering Management.
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Finance/Financial Management.
  • Physics.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Aerospace Engineering.
29 Oct 2022

What degree pays a lot? ›

Highest Paying Jobs With a Bachelor's Degree
RankMajorMid-Career Pay
Rank:1Petroleum EngineeringMid-Career Pay:$187,300
2Operations Research & Industrial EngineeringMid-Career Pay:$170,400
3Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)Mid-Career Pay:$159,300
4Interaction DesignMid-Career Pay:$155,800
21 more rows

Which degree is best for future? ›

Here are some fields that are expected to have growth potential and continue to develop.
  • Engineering. Engineering is a large scientific branch focused on the practical design and building of structures or machines. ...
  • Healthcare. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Computer Science. ...
  • Business. ...
  • Information Technology. ...
  • Accounting. ...
  • Economics & Finance.

What is the most useful degree? ›

25 of the most valuable majors for college students
  • Biomedical engineering. ...
  • Computer science. ...
  • Marine engineering. ...
  • Pharmaceutical sciences. ...
  • Computer engineering. ...
  • Electrical engineering. ...
  • Finance. ...
  • Software engineering.

What's the hardest degree? ›

The hardest degree subjects are Chemistry, Medicine, Architecture, Physics, Biomedical Science, Law, Neuroscience, Fine Arts, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Education, Computer Science and Philosophy. Let's dive right in, and look at why these subjects are the hardest degree subjects.

What are the top 5 hardest degrees to get? ›

What Are the 10 Most Difficult College Majors?
  • Economics – 2.95.
  • Biology – 3.02.
  • Geology – 3.03.
  • Philosophy – 3.08.
  • Finance – 3.08.
  • Physics – 3.10.
  • Computer Science – 3.13.
  • Mechanical Engineering – 3.17.
5 days ago

What is the top 5 highest paying job? ›

If a good salary is important to you, check out our list of the highest-paying jobs.
Here are the highest paying jobs of 2022:
  • Anesthesiologist: $208,000.
  • Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist: $208,000.
  • Orthodontist: $208,000.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Physician: $208,000.
  • Psychiatrist: $208,000.

What is the hardest 4 year degree? ›

Architecture major is currently the hardest college major in the US. A study conducted by Indiana University (National Study of Student Engagement) has shown some of the reasons why major in architecture is so difficult.

Which 4 year degree pays the most? ›

30 Highest Paying Bachelor's Degrees
  • Petroleum Engineering. Early career salary: $93,200. ...
  • Operations Research. Early career salary: $83,500. ...
  • Marine Engineering. Early career salary: $79,900. ...
  • Computer Engineering. Early career salary: $79,000. ...
  • Systems Engineering. ...
  • Chemical Engineering. ...
  • Electrical Engineering. ...
  • Computer Science.
14 Oct 2022

What are the top 5 best degrees? ›

One way to increase your chances of earning a good living is to pick a college major that prepares you to work in a field that pays well.
  1. Computer Engineering. ...
  2. Computer Science. ...
  3. Electrical Engineering. ...
  4. Chemical Engineering. ...
  5. Aerospace Engineering. ...
  6. Mechanical Engineering. ...
  7. Industrial Engineering. ...
  8. Physics.

Which degree has more job opportunities? ›

Engineering is perhaps the most versatile major on the board, in that several career opportunities exist within its domain.

Which course is best for high salary? ›

If you are looking for some good certification courses here is the list of the top 10 online courses with certificates to get high salary jobs.
  • Cyber Security. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence. ...
  • Web Developer. ...
  • Architecture. ...
  • Law. ...
  • Digital Marketing. ...
  • Data Science. ...
  • Financial Management.
14 Oct 2022

What is the smartest degree to get? ›

Studying for the Future: Best Degrees to Get That Pay Well
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)
  • Applied Economics and Management.
  • Operations Research.
  • Political Economy.
  • Actuarial Mathematics.
  • Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Business Analysis.
5 Oct 2022

Which degree has the highest dropout rate? ›

Computer sciences and business and administrative studies are among the degree subjects with the highest drop-out rates; with around nine per cent of students dropping out by their second year.

What is the hardest career to study? ›

Introducing the 13 Hardest College Majors
  • #8: Biochemistry or Biophysics. ...
  • #7: Astronomy. ...
  • #6: Physics. ...
  • #5: Cell and Molecular Biology. ...
  • #4: Biomedical Engineering. ...
  • #3: Aero and Astronautical Engineering. ...
  • #2: Chemical Engineering. ...
  • #1: Architecture. Average Hours Spent Preparing for Class Each Week: 22.20.
10 Feb 2021

What is the easiest course in college? ›

That being said, here's a look at some college classes that tend to be easier than some core classes.
  1. Film History. ...
  2. Creative Writing. ...
  3. Physical Education. ...
  4. Psychology. ...
  5. Public Speaking. ...
  6. Anthropology. ...
  7. Art History. ...
  8. Acting.

What is the strongest major? ›

2023 Rankings

These rankings include categories for best overall colleges, best colleges for each major, best value schools, and much more. Texas Christian University was awarded 602 badges in the 2023 rankings. The highest ranked major at the school is clinical nurse specialist.

What degree is lowest to highest? ›

In terms of level of study, the college degree programs in order are:
  • Associate degree.
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Master's degree.
  • Doctoral degree.
31 Mar 2022

Which degrees are the most stressful? ›

College majors in the STEM field tend to be the most stressful, such as engineering and architecture. The same is true for many of those in the medical or healthcare field, including nursing and neuroscience. There are also stressful majors from other fields, such as accounting and related areas.

What is the #1 highest paying job in the world? ›

The Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in the World
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • General Surgeon.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Data Scientist.
  • IT Systems Manager.
4 Oct 2022

What jobs make 1m a year? ›

Jobs that better your chances of becoming a millionaire
  • Professional athlete.
  • Investment banker.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Insurance agent.
  • Engineer.
  • Real estate agent.

What is the most regretted major? ›

The most-regretted college majors
Major% who regret
Sciences35% 35% 35%
Education31% 31% 31%
Social sciences/law29% 29% 29%
Communications27% 27% 27%
6 more rows
30 Jul 2022

What is the best course in college? ›

Here are the 10 most popular college majors based on NCES data.
  • Social Sciences and History. ...
  • Engineering. ...
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Communication and Journalism. ...
  • Visual and Performing Arts. ...
  • Computer and Information Sciences. ...
  • Education.

Which 4 majors are most in demand? ›

This list details some of the most popular and lucrative college majors in demand in 2022.
  1. Engineering. ...
  2. Business. ...
  3. Nursing. ...
  4. Hospitality. ...
  5. Education. ...
  6. Computer Science. ...
  7. Architecture. ...
  8. Pharmaceutical Sciences.

What jobs will disappear by 2030? ›

5 jobs that will disappear by 2030
  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent is still a job in 2020. ...
  • Taxi drivers. ...
  • Store cashiers. ...
  • Fast food cooks. ...
  • Administrative legal jobs.
30 May 2022

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Check out our list of the highest paying careers that require only a bachelor's degree and explore median annual salary metrics by degree field.
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What is the rarest major? ›

Here are 14 of the most unusual and wacky college degrees — so you can be inspired (or feel better about your own major ).
  • Citrus Science.
  • Memeology.
  • Egyptology.
  • Bicycle Design.
  • Sexuality Studies.
  • Mortuary Science.
  • Leisure Studies.
  • Popular Culture.
5 Jan 2022

Which degree is the most advanced? ›

A doctorate is the highest level of formal education available. Doctoral programs include coursework, comprehensive exams, research requirements, and a dissertation. Doctoral programs require students to have a master's degree, although some doctorates incorporate a master's as part of the curriculum.


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