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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (1)

Denise of Clinton, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 16, 2023

It was unseasonably cold during our rental in Live Oak, FL over Christmas 2022. Saturday, the first night we stayed in the RV, there was no heat, and the inside temperature dropped to about 50. We called the owner (Charles **) the next morning and he did finally come to check it out and realized that he had not turned the propane tank on after filling it. The electric heat was not working, which he said he would "have to figure out later." He opened the propane tank and switched the heat source to propane rather than electric. We called him again later about the oven not working, and his response was they don't use it very often and he said we should read the owner's manual. We never did get it to work.

The propane ran out on Christmas Eve night. He did not leave the keys for us, so we had no way to refill the propane tank. We called him on Christmas morning and told him we were going to cut our trip short by one day as the internal temperature had again gotten down below 50. I actually expected (and requested) a partial refund since the RV was uninhabitable due to the cold and we had no option but to give up the last day of our trip. I was absolutely shocked that he withheld $190 of the deposit because we "used up the propane." The contract said nothing about us being responsible for refilling the propane, and he was the one who changed the heat source to the propane because the electric heater wasn't working. It should also have been his responsibility to ensure everything was in working order prior to renting the unit, particularly since we paid extra for delivery and setup, and it was advertised as "turnkey."

I expect sufficient heat/livable indoor climate conditions to be provided as a "cost of doing business" for any lodging, unless specifically stipulated otherwise up front. Bottom line, what was hoped would be a happily memorable family Christmas camping trip turned into a miserable experience, underscored by the addition of insult to injury by the rental owner. He made the decision for us to heat with propane, since his electric heat was not working. Outdoorsy sided with the owner, who refused to consider refunding our full deposit.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (2)

Max of Austin, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 1, 2023

I have rented my camper out with Outdoorsy for over a year and in that year my camper has been damaged two from the renters. One of which took 6 months to repair. Communication is extremely slow with their claims department and it seems like you have to re-educate each representative you speak with, system glitches and has issues from the owner app platform, the screening or vetting they handle with their renter was inconsistent. Where I think this is a great concept in theory. Obvious in practice they are not doing it well based on my experience. What is frustrating most is that there are so many positive reviews (which is what I was hoping for in my experience) and in speaking with other outdoorsy owners in the Texas area. They have experienced similar issues. I will call action to those to write their review cause I do not believe it to be ethical or best business practice for a service like this.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (3)

Jonathan of Alpharetta, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 29, 2022

Completely dissatisfied with the Outdoorsy web-based service having experienced two cancellations literally hours before start of our Christmas vacation 12/24/2022. The RV that we were able to find, and rent for a fee of $1,309.32was substandard on not safe due to an electrical system that was wired with reversed battery polarity. The backup camera, USB charging ports and electrical outlets within the vehicle are not in working order. Safety equipment was inoperable for the entire rental.

I purchased a replacement deep cell RV battery for $135.13. I returned to the RV and replaced the battery attaching the positive leads to the + terminal and the ground to the – negative terminal. The electrical system did not work, the generator would not start nor would heat come on. I researched and found where the fuse box was located and examined the two 40 amp fuses and found they were both blown. I returned to the auto parts store and purchased a package of 40 amp fuses which cost $5.45 and returned to the RV. I attempted to replace the first fuse and it arched and burn out. I tried a second fuse and the same result. It was then That I read the OEM warning statement “if fuse sparks and burn out, battery polarity is incorrect.”

No RV power in freezing weather. I went back to the battery and disconnected the positive leads (x3 wires) and connected them to the battery negative terminal and connected the RV ground to the battery positive terminal. At this point electrical power was restored. This was about 2 PM in the afternoon. At this time I was able to start the heating system (propane powered) and was able to heat the RV. Given that we departed the next day at 9 AM we were able to utilized heat and some power for 19 hours out of the 4 day entire rental period. Renter beware of the Outdoorsy screening capability.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (4)

Bastian of Sydney, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 16, 2022

We are a campervan rental company and Outdoorsy is selling our campervan rental service via their platform. As part of our agreement Outdoorsy collects payment.. We received a booking from Outdoorsy and rented out one of our campervan to their customer. Three month later we are still chasing payment... Aparently outdoorsy failed to collect payment from the customer and never contacted us - that is nearly $4000 AUD we are out of pocket. Zero support & interest shown by Outdoorsy... We are asked to chase the customer for payment even though Outdoorsy failed to collect payment. Can not recommend Outdoorsy... Very poor service. The moment something goes wrong they don't want to hear from you....

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (5)

Erika of La Jolla, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 7, 2022

I rented an RV through Outdoorsy back at the end of August. I previously shared my story and wrote a review regarding the lack of customer service and the company continuing to charge my card for something that should have been charged through a third party insurance of someone who backed into us. We had someone back into us at a gas station, very minor damage but we opened a claim with their insurance. Outdoorsy automatically kept my $500 deposit, and then charged me an extra $1,500 for a deductible which should have never been taken from my account. That should have all been collected from the insurance claim of who backed into us. Anyways, 3 months later and after I took this on as a second full time job, I finally got my $1,500 refunded that should have never been taken out of my account. But here I am, once again for a NEW matter of these crooks charging my card without my permission, now for $2,200...4 months later!

I got an email from Outdoorsy a couple days ago (4 months after the rental) saying "The host has noted that there are additional charges for damages in the amount of $2200" and that the charge would be processed in 48 hours. I got this yesterday, and I clicked the link stating that I do not agree with these charges. What do you know, today I wake up and the $2,200 charge is posted on my credit card, without my permission! They attached the receipt for what I was being charged for, and they're charging me for ROUTINE MAINTENANCE! An oil change, filter, and slide out maintenance? The slide outs never had ANY issues during our rental, everything worked perfectly fine and the RV was fully detailed upon return. So I am absolutely shocked that they are charging me for this!

This company is a bunch of CROOKS, they keep charging me and keep trying to take more money than they should from me and I can't imagine how many other innocent renters are having this happen to them. From the looks of these reviews I'm not the only one. Once they have your CC info they have charged overall an extra $4,500 in total to my card. That is more than DOUBLE of what our total was for the entire rental for a whole week! I have been reading reviews and I am not the only one, it appears this company does this ALL THE TIME and RV owners are charging renters extra for things they shouldn't so they can make upgrades to their RV.

I will NEVER in my life use this company again. The customer service SUCKS, no one wants to help and it takes them MONTHS to refund your money back...if they even do that! So here I am again, sharing my story...and wondering for how many months after my rental will they keep charging my credit card without my permission. I just had to cancel my credit card in hopes that they can no longer charge me any more absurd charges that are not my responsibility. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You have been warned.!

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (6)

Justin of Windham, ME Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 8, 2022

The camper in tow blew a tire and caused minor cosmetic damage. They would not speak over the phone and only sent an email stating the terms of their contract allowing them to charge the $1500 deductible amount. They also charged another $580 to my card without permission for tire related repair. The owner then claimed that the interior was damaged and not left clean for another $800 until I sent them their own listing picture showing the pre existing damage so they dropped it to $200. Outdoorsy just continued to charge my credit card based on the owner's word. Make sure you take pictures of absolutely everything even if it doesn't look like it would be an issue to cover yourself. I will buy another camper before ever renting again.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (7)

Daniel of Riverview, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 25, 2022

Outdoorsy is terrible. I rented a motorhome for a vacation and was surprised with a bill of $3900 for alleged damages. Instead of supporting us they just kept sending emails saying they would charge my credit card without my consent or agreement. Beware of scammers wanting to fix/renew their old rigs on user's expense.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (8)

Joseph of Moorpark, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 19, 2022

Requested rental of an RV, but owner canceled because he needed more preparation time (this was for a week out), even though the Outdoorsy site indicated that his RV was available. Despite the cancelation, Outdoorsy had already charged my credit card, instead of waiting until the RV owner had confirmed the rental. It took 1½ weeks for my refund to be credited to my card, and this was not an insubstantial amount. If they were an ethical firm they would have waited until the owner confirmed the rental before charging my card.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (9)

Sean of Gabriola, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 14, 2022

This company seemed great at first. If things go wrong, initially they seem like all they want to do is help. But they do nothing to make sure the vehicles on their site run well or are even safe. The vehicle I rented had rusted out wheel wells, couldn’t steer well because the steering column joint was being held together with wire. The owner originally said he would give a refund, but then refused.

In the dispute process through Outdoorsy, in spite of the pictures I sent they sided with the owner. Their reason for doing so was because the owner sent them a blurry copy of a safety inspection report. Problem is the year and vin on the inspection wasn’t the same as the vehicle I rented. Outdoorsy did nothing to follow up to make sure the document was legitimate. And they obviously didn’t have anyone look at the photos I sent. CVSE took one look at the photos and said the vehicle shouldn’t be on the road. I sent that info to Outdoorsy, but they’ve done nothing. They offered me a quarter of what I spent for a vehicle that lasted 20km.

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Reviews (10)

Robert of San Diego, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 16, 2022

Very shady operation. We purchased the "peace of mind" insurance, and it turned out to be anything but. We were charged full $1500 deductible for damage to vehicle, despite clear language that the deductible is $500. We booked the trip thru Adventure KT in El Cajon, insurance was thru The claim was run thru the owner insurance, not policy we purchased, so likely they pocketed the money we spent for insurance and we were unwittingly bare of insurance for our trip. Outdoorsy was in cahoots with this company to rip us off.

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